Summer started and it’s AWESOME!! Sorry that I haven’t posted a lot. Well, my birthday was a couple weeks ago and that was fun! I turned eleven! I’m also going to go to the beach for vacation. Hopefully it doesn’t rain. And, I’m going to middle school! I’m kind of scared but more excited. It will be a new school, but most of my friends will be there. That is basically my summer!


Week 35: The Last Week of 5th Grade

This last week of school was the BEST one ever! I will miss my teacher, Mr.Haney very much. Fifth grade had an award show and I won the awards for technology, social studies, honor roll,  and presedential award! I was very excited when I got presedential award! I also had field day. It was very fun! I won first place in hoola hoop and others. I also did dizzy lizzy. It was  AMZING! Dizzy lizzy is where you spin around eight times and then run to a cone and back. The last thing that I will do this is  help the first graders with field day. I am not sure what I will do there, but I sure hope it’s fun! That is what I did on my 35th week of 5th grade.

Week 34

Hello world, this week was AMAZING!! I had donuts from Krispy Kreem. (sorry I don’t know how to spell it) The next thing I did was type a letter to my Korean pen pal. The last thing I did was shoot a scene from my movie! It was very fun! That is what I did on my amazing 34th week of school.

Week 33

Week 33 was AMAZING!! I got to have a pizza party for my classmate, Aaron. It was so FUN!! Also, our TNReady tests were cancelled. It was very sad because we really did the test prep for “nothing.” The last thing I did was get my yearbook! They are very spectacular! That is what I did on my 33st week of school.

Week 32

Week 32 was AMAZING!! I got to take my clay “creature” home. I mad a kitty cat. It is very cute! Also this week a boy in my class named Aaron is #1 on ticket to read! He has rivals in 4th grade, so it’s a tuff competion. I am 100% sure he will win. The last thing is test prep. It was not fun but good practice. That is what I did on my 32nd week of school. 

Week 31 Was Aamzing

IMG_6364Th 31st week of 5th grade was amazing! My class go to start on our own movies! It is so FUN! My team’s movie name is Out of Time. (You will have to watch it to know what it’s about.) I also made a commercial for our classmate/friend Lucas. He has been having some trouble with health, so his aunt and uncle set up a fundraiser for him. The very last thing I did this week was prep for my TN Ready test. It is a lot of hard work, but it pays off. That is what I did on my amazing 31st week of 5th grade. 

Week 30 Was Awesome

Week 30 was AMAZING! The first thing I did was make a new song about summarizing! It was so fun because you had to do the song with only yourself. The next thing I did was see my friend Finley win an award for art. She is INCREDIBLE with art. She won out of all the 5th graders. Her art is at the Dogwood Art Show. The last thing I did was go to track. I was on relay, but our team got last because there was a girl from a different school that got into my lane,so the person I was handing the baton off to had to stop on the grass until the other girl would move. (That was probably complicated to understand, but I will have a video.) That is what I did on my AMAZING 30th week of school! File Apr 08, 9 06 57 AM

Week 29

This week was AWESOME!!! The first thing I did was have a pizza party for my friend, Saralogan. She got number one in the country for ticket to read as well as me and my friends. The next thing I did was be in  musical. It was so AWESOME!! I got to sing, dance, and speak! File Apr 01, 8 31 33 AMThe last thing I did was play with my reading buddies. It was so fun because my reading buddy is SO SWEET! She is very fun to play with! That is what I did on my AWESOME 29th week of school!